Port Server TS: 0xFF characters are being doubled in Raw TCP/IP mode

When using a Port Server TS in Raw TCP/IP mode from a Linux Host running a binary protocol (here SEMI E4 - SECS-I) characters of value 0xFF sent from an Equipment are sent twice to the host. This has been seen with Firmware 82000747_U and 82000747_W. The doubled characters are also logged when Port Logging is enabled.

Using the same Port Server with a RealPort Driver from a Windows Host does not exihibit this problem. The Port Server System mode is set to Latency.

Is there a setting to circumvent this? Or can this be a Firmware Bug?

You will want to take a look at the input processing flags for the port(s):

ditty-rp -a ttyxyz

ignbrk, brkint, ignpar, parmrk, inpck, istrip, inlcr, igncr, icrnl,

In most cases these should be off (-).

Also, parity (checking) may impact this, as well. You will want to look over your parity configuration on the port and attached device.

Thanks, that’s the trick.

Unfortunately these settings are not visible on the port Servers Web Interface.