Port to Com mapping question

I have not been able to determine how the ports on the TS8/16 get mapped to a COM port. I know how to view/change them but I have an application that will be reading the registry - PS_COM# - to find the COM port to use. It looks like the first available COM number will be Port 1, the next available COM number be port 2, etc., but can I count on that? Essentially, I want to plug four different devices into the first four ports on the TS8/16 and read the registry to find the COM numbers to use for those devices. One thing that would have helped is if the registy value name did not contain the COM number - PS_COM5 - and instead it was just PS_PORT0 and the data was COM5. Maybe there was some reason but I can’t see why the registry value name would need to contain part of the data.

Thanks in advance.

It would be helpful if you had stated your operating system. Presuming that you have some version of Windows, you can be fairly confident, but, this does depend on your system and having no phantom ports or other oddities which may interfere with the driver installation. You can check which com ports go with which physical ports by using the Device Manager to check which ports are associated with the com numbers. Please see the attached image.

Thanks for the reply. I thought I had mentioned using Windows XP but I must have deleted that while editing the post.

I know how to review the port assignments and change them using the Device Manager but thanks for the information.

Looks like my only option will be to confirm the port mappings and write my software to assume that the lowest PS_COM number in the registry is port 1, the next PS_COM number is port 2, etc. Again, it would have been easier -at least for me - if the registry entries had port number to COM number mappings:

Name Type Value

instead of:

Thanks again.