PortServer 4 - Printing

I have installed the portserver on a server using Sun Solaris 2.8. I am trying to configure one of the ports to print. I have set up the dty ports. However, I get the following message when using lpadmin to configure and test the print queue.

UX:lpadmin:ERROR:error writing printer information (invalid argument)

All help is appreciated.

It sounds as though an invalid argument was used when configuring the printer. Hard to say without knowing more.

Here is some useful information on configuring printers in Solaris:

Local printer:

lpadmin –p prt_name –v /dev/term/x##s -D “description” –T PS -I postscript

Misc printing commands:

lpadmin –d prt_name
set prt_name as the default printer.

lpstat –d
show current default printer.

lpstat –p prt_name –l
show prt_name configuration.

lpstat –t
show all printer status.