PortServer Connection Fail When I Restart My PC


I have a Portserver TS 1 and configure this device on my windows 7 pc for send and receive fax.

This Portserver work fine but when i restart my pc the COM port nor appear and the device have a connection but without ip address (as if the connection remain from my pc).

Then i kill that connection and my fax work again.

What can i do for solve this issue?


Unfortunately, when you ‘restart’ your PC, apparently it does not bother to RESET any outstanding TCP sockets. Thus the TS1 thinks it has an active peer, so prevents any new sockets. The TS1 is doing its job - your PC is not :s .

Under the ‘network config -> advanced network settings’, look at the TCP Keepalive Settings. Set them to a short number (like a few minutes). Setting ‘seconds’ only probably won’t work, so keep it to a few minutes.

If you are using Digi RealPort, then merely enable the ReaPort Keepalive AND the RealPort Exclusive Mode. This causes the TS1 to assume when the same peer IP tries to connect when it is ALREADY connected, the TS1 abort/discards the old connection and allows the new connection