PortServer II Serial Ports locks up after some time


PortServerII Version 3.0.13

Ports are configured prn and 115200

2 of the 16 parts are looked up to a device’s serial port running 115200 baud for serial debug logging. I use a Linux host to telnet to the Portserver and port and store the serial debug logs.

The problem I’m having is after a few hours of dumping the serial log the port(s) lockup and restarting the serial connection errors with a connection refused … The only solution is rebooting the PortServerII … I sinced moved my cables to a PortServer TS 16 … it seems robust enough to handle the serial data stream …

Are there any other option on the PortServerII to handle a constant serial data stream?

Thanks in advance.

Dale G.

The PortServer II is not really able to sustain 115200 baud across all ports. The recommended maximum rate is 57600.

Also, you may want to check for buffer overflows. From the root prompt of the unit:

#> display ports range=(port#)

If IFC or OFC are shown as active, it would indicate a flow control problem. In which case, you will want to make sure the flow control settings on the unit match with those of the attached serial device.