PortServer TS 16 vs. Acceleport EPC/X

We try to replace AccelePort EPC/X with PortServer TS 16. One of our serial devices (Opto22 B3000) needs the 2nd stop bit switched on for receiving messages correctly. But it answers only with a single stop bit.

EPC/X seems to tolerate receiving messages with single stop bit even if the 2nd stop bit is enabled (CSTOPB is on).

TS 16 on the other hand generates framing errors when receiving messages with single stop bit if CSTOPB is on.

Is there a solution that TS 16 also tolerate receiving single stop bit messages if CSTOPB is on?

There have been reports of incompatibilities when using the PortServer TS products and devices communicating with 2 stop bits.

There is no workaround that I am aware of. I recommned considering the EtherLite product line in place of the PortServer TS, as they contain a different UART.

Unfortunately Digi changed the RS-232 pin assignment for the EtherLite product. As I mentioned we use Acceleport EPC/X and all of our cables have this pin assignment. PortServer TS 16 is pin compatible to AccelePort EPC/X.

Is it possible to send messages with a “space” parity bit as a 2nd stop bit? As I know parity checking can be disabled in receiving path, right?

Could this be a workaround for not using CSTOPB?