problem of portserver TS16

I use the portserver TS16 to receive message from device but no message is received.

  1. I use the PC to receive the message directly from the device, that is good.
  2. I use the portserver TS16 to receive message from the same device, but no message is received.(the connection line is tested working well).
  3. I do the same test on the EL160, the message is received well.
    could you give me some advice??

This sounds like a cabling issue to me. The EL160 and PortServer TS 16 have a different pinout. If you are using the same cable on the TS 16 that works on the EL160, this will not work. You can find the pinout of the TS 16 on page 2 of the following link:

If you are using a different cable than what is used on the EL160, can you provide a part number/pinout of the cable? Does a loopback test work on the port to verify RealPort is working?

ok, Maybe the problem is not described clearly, the connection lines between the PortServer TS16 works well and I have test it before.
So that is not the conncetion lines problem and I use the different lines to do the test on EL1600 and TS16.
The two lines both work well and are tested before.
Can you give me some support??