TS16 no communications

This is in a hotel environment we upgraded from EL160 to TS16.

POS system pc just not communicating. it seems PMS is sending messages, but not getting anything from the POS system.

same wiring as the EL160 just moved them over and configured all ports to TCP

any help would be much appreciated

The EL 160 is not pinned out the same as the TS 16. So your existing cabling will not work with the TS.
You can go to the Digi’s main website and under support select the proper TS and then under cabling you will see the pinouts.

Other options:
– You can purchase from Digi a converter cable that switches from TS RJ to EL RJ and thus keep your existing cabling.
– Depending on the devices you are attaching you can purchase RJ to DB9/DB25 converter adapters or even possibly cabling.

For further assistance on cabling you can contact sales support at 952-912-3444 or get them live during normal business hours via “chat” on the Digi main website.