portserver TS 4 W

i posted a help on my last post however i got no solution…i desperately needing help…i having problems with my portserver…can anyone teach me step by step on the way to confiq a ip address…but most importantly setting up the hardware.cause my desktop cant seems to detect any decvice even though it is connected please i need help…if u are unsure what im asking and wish to help,pls tell me if u are uncertain

If possible, plug into the serial port of the device for setup of the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. On page 16 of the following manual, it tells you how to set an IP address from the CLI:


Once you have an IP address on the unit, you can then connect to the unit via its WebUI using that IP address and a web browser, or you can continue to use the CLI for the setup.

If you have specific issues with the device after getting into it, let us know what those are.

Alos, if you have your desktop connected directly to the PortServer rather than to your network, be sure you assign a static IP address to your desktop. You may be able to discover the PortServer if you temporarily turn off any software firewall.

thanks alot…it was my stupid firewall that blocked it thanks…

crap…i dun know what i have done again…now i cant detect the device however my digi port authority remote seems to be able find it

“discovery” is not routable, so if this TS4 W is on a different subnet, you won’t be able to discover it. Also, Windows Firewall (turn on/off under Control Panel) and the firewalls built into anti-virus programs block discovery as well, so I see a few possibilities.