PortServer TS 4

We have a PortServer TS 4 connecting to a modem. Usually we telnet to TS via port 2101, then send the AT command to the modem. We use the modem to dial another modem connecting to a machine, so that we’re able to connect to that machine.
I have two question about this scenario.

  1. After we telnet to the TS via port 2101, we connect to the modem. Due to we can’t issue the “exit” to the modem like the real telnet, we have to close the session directly. But I found that the connection wouldn’t be terminated sometimes. I wonder how can we exit from the telnet session peacefully, like logout.
  2. We already disable the echo on modem by sending the AT command “ate0” to the modem. It works when we just connect to the modem. But after we dial to another machine, any command we issued in session will echo again. Is there any way we can eliminate the echo after we dial to another machine?
    Many thanks.

The only way I know of to close the connection is to simply quit the telnet session:


telnet> quit

However, if the modem is not disconnected, it could cause the port to stay open (DCD signal). Be sure the modem is hung up prior to disconnecting (i.e. ATH).

As for the echo problem, it could be the result of the telnet client being used. The following knowledge base articles outline some common client configurations:




Thanks userid0. I will try to use your way tomorrow.