Possible? Distributed reactions to IO pin read?

I would like to have a set of Xbees monitoring a pin, and set aside a series of pins for leds providing distributed indicators of which xbees need attention. From my current reading, I believe I understand that this could be done with computer logic a main xbee is connected to controlling response packets, but is there any way for this to be done with an internal, xbee only setup? To be more specific, my current plan for a first eventual attempt would be to have four xbees, one as a coordinator, all in a star network, with only two sensors monitored (soil moisture), and when a pin shows a low voltage at the two sensors, all four xbees should light up an led in the various locations I put them, letting me know which sensor needs attention. Perhaps eventually with a coded single led, flashing a code letting me know which xbee, to allow for further pin usage. Does this sound possible with onboard xbee setup? My limited understanding, so far, leads me to believe I expect too much, but I am hopeful that I missed something. Thank you for any time spend.

No, the standard XBee modules do not offer that function within their existing code. But you could use a programmable version to write and load the necessary code to do that.

Thank you very much. I was getting that impression, and starting to think I was looking too long. :smiley: