Remote xbee reads the controller IO pin status


I am working with Xbee S2C module in API mode.
I have a transmitter xbee & a receiver xbee. I have configured them successfully with API mode.
Transmitter side:
Sends the specific frames (Transmit Request) to control the LED of the Receiver Xbee.
Receiver side:
Receives the frames & transmit those frames to the controller via UART & then controller takes the decision to ON/OFF the LED.

Upon successful reception at the receiver side, the transmitter side gets the acknowledgment (Transmit Response) of the successful delivery.

A newbie question:
Is it possible to monitor the status of IOs of controller connecting with receiver xbee in the transmitter Response packet at the transmitter side?

If possible, please guide me how can we implement it?

Will be great for me if anyone can help. :slight_smile:

Thank you

IF you are using an external processor to control the remote radios IO lines, then no it is not possible. Now if you use a remote AT command to trigger an IO line as an output high or low state or as an Input, then yes you can see use the Remote AT command Status frame to know if the command was received. If that frame was enabling an Input, the you can use the IS command to read or Sample that Input.