Power Supply for the PortServer II

I am looking to purchase a replacement power supply for the PortServer II. The Power Supply is an ITE Power Supply, Model Number UP3043K-3, Part Number 10000895E.

Could you please let me know where I can get a replacement.

The part number for the current Portserver II power supply is 76000694. This can be searched for and obtained via our online distributors cdw.com, insight.com, etc.

Also, if your Portserver II is under 5 years old it would still be under warranty, in which case you could get a replacement power supply free of charge. Go through Technical Support to check the serial number of your Portserver II and verify whether its still under warranty or not.

Looking for Power Supply Model UP3043K-3, Part # 10000895E, 5 Pins.

Can you tell me where I can purchase.

I recently sent in a Portserver to be repaired, and it appears that the main problem was the Power Supply. When they shipped it back, it had a BEC I.T.E Power Supply Model Number: AP0431-T12. Everything appears to work, although I am wondering about the difference in the power supply models that you mentioned and the one that DIGI returned to me.

The power supply model number may change from time to time based on supplier availability of what we’re using, RoHS compliance, etc.

If the model number of the power supply is different than the original that was shipped with the unit there’s no reason to worry in other words. Any power supply sent for the unit is tested/approved for use with that model in other words.

The retail part number is 76000351 (with a North American power cord). You can use the International version 76000694, which does not have a power cord.
They are available from a number of sources, or, you can check the online store references at this link: