PPP gw and "local" IP

HiI am having trouble getting the local IP initialized with the IP supplied from the ISP when dialing from a modem to my ISP. The Gateway seems to be right, but the peerIP should also be supplied from the PPP dialup. Or else I can communicate with the board. Also; how do I supply AT commands and wait for speciel return? like “ATZ” -> “OK” or other commands. I am working with a GPRS modem Thanks Felix Thanks Felix

Typically you would have to send more than simple initialization command string when dealing with a GPRS modem. I think the only approach with the current PPP is to write you own modem handler routines and use direct PPP mode after the modem initialization is completed. You can also see a description I have posted on how to change default route to PPP in the network api forum. Can you explain why you need the peerIP? Best regards, Thomas Maltesen Prolon Control Systems

HiI though that there was a public IP and a gateway when dialing my ISP with PPP. Because I need to initialize the GPRS with special AT commands, I should : 1. Open the serial port manually 2. Do init stuff 3. Dial the ISP -> wait for “CONNECT” 4. Close the serial port 5. PPPSerialInit(…) 6. Wait for Link 7. del + add route