PPP over TCP


we need to implement PPP over TCP. My idea was to create special driver, that would connect to specific IP address when opened. This kind of works, but after few sends&receives NET+OS hangs.

Current implementation uses background thread for _poll, but _read and _write call directly send and recv in non-blocking mode.

Is it supposed to work like this or we should add two circular buffers to avoid Treck calls from within device driver?

Filip Zawadiak, DOMIQ

Perhaps I’m a little confused about your implementation, but there is a PPP driver included in NET+OS 7.4.2.

Why don’t you use that?


I want to use provided PPP, but not over serial connection, but TCP connection, for VPN like functionality.

In the meantime I implemented it in a way that all networking calls are done outside of driver code, but there are still some issues :frowning: