#pragma ghs section is not working

Hi,I am trying to put some variables in a specific section, defined in LD file but the compiler insists in put them in bss section. I followed exactly what was written in the Multi200 manual but it does not work. My LD file has the following section: ? MEMORY { ? nvram : ORIGIN = 0x01000000, LENGTH = 2M ? } SECTIONS { ? .nvsec_beg : > nvram .nvsec MIN_SIZE(0x200000) : >. .nvsec_end : >. ? } And I wrote my code like below ? #pragma ghs section data=“.nvsec” _h_mng h_mng_X; #pragma ghs section data=default ? Any tips ?

The pragma only affects the next variable that’s declared after the pragma. Could you try putting the pragma immediately before the array declaration?

I found the problem: #pragma ghs section bss=“mysec” I was using data instead bss. Thanks anyway Marcelo Barros

Marcello, please drop me an email, i would need your help. zeitung_AT_land_DOT_ru thanks