Printer attached to dumb terminal...

I’ve got some dumb terminals (vt100 or similar) attached to a digi Ts 16. These terminals telnet to a Linux ES3 machine when they connect. Occasionally, they may also attempt to print rather large files to printers attached to their terminals. These jobs will sometimes hang after a bunch of pages (it seems to be fairly consistent). If the port is reset, the user can log back into the system, but cannot seem to successfully print the file. I’ve seen several posts about printers hanging with Linux in the knowlege base, but none seem to be quite right for what I’m doing (Unless I’m an idiot, which is always possible).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


You will want to rule out a possible flow control condition by monitoring the port signal activity. This can be done from the command line of the PortServer unit:

#> display port range=(port#)

If OFC or IFC are seen asserted on a locked port, you will want to confirm the flow control settings on the attached terminal match those on the unit:

#> set flow range=(port#)

If this does not pan out, I recommend pursuing this further with Digi Tech. Support