port reset

Hello !
let me describe the issue .
I got about 10 to 20 printers connected to more than one digi wiht some ports are attached to VT320 terminals and most of them print throughout the day , but some of them keep some big jobs that take longer time to finish , so some job may wait in the list for one after the other to be printed .

from time to time i am experiencing problem my print job just sit in the queue and nothing happens .i have to kill the print job in the SCO system , and i will receive another message saying that its too late to do anything .

if i get back to digi as ROOT , i used to see a direct connecting to the specific port .the printer ports in the digis are set to prn , 19200, xon /xoff .i dont understand this intermittently issue , this is not limited to one printer but almost all of them having the same problem , but not at the same time .if i mange to kill the hanging job successfully then the rest of job continue as usual , very strange to me.
please help , thanks in advance .

How are you printing to the printers, via Realport or some sort of direct connect? If Realport, what driver version are you using? Which product/firmware revision do you have?