Pro 868 Duty-Cycle for development ???


just wanted to know if the duty-cycle limit applies regardless of the TX power ???

I didn’t have time to experiment yet, but if this limit applies for all TX settings, it’s really crap !!!

I cannot accept that Digi hides behind the ETSI regulations, they’re not selling ‘final’ products (hence also the ‘OEM’ in the name…), it’s the responsibility of the company selling ‘end-products’ to comply with regulations !!

Being limited to 10% duty-cycle during development is really a pain in the …, and will definitely increase both development and testing time, as well as frustration !!!

Digi should at least provide a ‘DEV’ firmware allowing to bypass the 10% limit at lower TX power levels.

Philippe Annet

I’d just like to add my support for this request, A dev firmware that enables us to bypass the Duty-Cycle would be very useful.