Working around the 10% duty-cycle

I just tested the 868. Its working fine, but the 10% duty cycle makes it completely unusable for our application. Can someone explain me:

  • why this limitation exists?
  • is there a way to work around it?

I understand that temperature may become a concern, but the duty cycle is enforced even that the lowest emission power where no temperature rise can be detected.


The 10% duty cycle exists in order to comply with ETSI European Telecommunications Standard for 868 MHz. In compliance with the law, emmitters cannot transmit for more than 6 minutes total in each hour. If you transmit for 6 minutes continuously then the radio could only receive (not transmit) for the next 54 minutes. This duty cycle is not based on temperature.

The register is cleared upon a power cycle of the radio.

it´s possible to hack this 10% limit ???

or it´s this module also in ! 866 MHZ ! without duty cycle aviable ? (for europe)


How long would it take to re-establish the link after a powercycle of the radio? Is this a reliable work around?