Problem installling digi Dia ,,,, need help

Hi there,

I dont know why i am getting this error while i am trying to connect Dia. I tried to give a “netstat -a” command which tellls me that the ports are “listenting” . Can anyone help me out with that ,please

It appears as though you may have another process on your system already using port 8080!

You can either move or disable Dia’s XML-RPC presentation by changing “port” setting of the XML-RPC presentation’s YAML configuration to something other than 8080.

Hi jordanh,
thanks for your reply. I dont why i was getting problem earlier but i cant do the demo as it give me an error as u mentioned in the earlier topic . i would appreciate your reply.



Based on the attachment in your other post, it looks like you are missing on your device, which contains the os module.

Download , rename it to, and then upload it to your device.


Hi Chris,
thanks so much for that, appreciated. i dont know why while running the green demo … the switches are off and i am getting false instead of True… as u can see from the file attached… can u tell me what might be the reason for that ?.. looking for your reply.



Take a look at this post by Diego, I think it could be related to the issue you are having.,1024_offset,10#3976