Problem of file sytem size


I needed to increasing my file system, then I changed in “customize.ldr” (it was 256k I changed for 1M), but now I compiled the code and don’t has problem, but the module connect ME 9210 don’t start. I think that the file system overwrite the image of the project. I see on the properts of the project and the size of flash is 2M, but my module is 4M(I tried change but don’t has changed of result), and see also that the part of memory was unused is negative. I think that my problem is on the division of flash. Anybody know how I can defined right the size of the flash(File system, Backup Image, Application Image and etc… )?

André Lessa

If you are using NET+OS 7.5.2 then in Digi ESP project properties go to
NET+OS > Flash Memory Map
There you can select your Flash variant and partition filesystem