Problem with Acceleport Xp


We have a test line. We decided to change the PC. So we had to remove the old one. The old PC was a PC with both ISA sockets and PCI sockets. This PC works perfectly with a Acceleport card (PCI card but not Acceleport Xp).

Now we decided to change the PC. The new one has PCI Express, a Core 2 Duo Proc and an Acceleport Xp. That’s the only differences.

The problem is that with this new PC we sometimes loose communication with one of our serial cards.

In this PC, we have the following setup:

  • CP5613 communication processor PCI card
  • 1 PCI-6110E national instruments PCI card
  • Another PCI-6110E PCI card from Ni
  • The acceleport Xp

I tried to update the Accelpt firmware, but the communications problems still occured (less steadily however)

The IRQ of the Accelpt is shared with the IDE controller and the CP5613. But the problem might well arise when we try to communicate with NI cards.