Problem with customization kit updates


I am having problems updating my customization kit using the “Check for Digi Connact Updates” utility.

I have done the registry change as advised at:

That got me a little further but it now fails trying to download “Wise~tmp.exe” with the following message:

“Could not communicate to the network server, error 26.”

I tried disabling my firewall but still no joy :frowning:

Is this problem at my end or at digi’s servers?


I forgot to say what version I am using. This is from the ReadMe.txt file:

              Release Notes  PN 93000509_C

           Digi Connect ME Customization Kit
              Version, 11/09/2003

             Software Package PN 40001918_C

I just tried it and it worked (no new updates). The server may have been down, so I’d try again. Otherwise I’d double check you can actually ping the servers IP (i.e. ping If not you likely have a network issue on your side that needs to be worked out.