Problem with localtime and daylight saving

I have found that there is problem with changing to daylight saving time in my application. I am using a GHS setup with NET+OS 6.3.

I have installed start and end time for daylight saving but the change does not happen on the correct date. An example currently the system should have changed to daylight saving time:

Daylight start 3.5.0/02:00:00, which should be last sunday of marts. So it should have changed already today (monday 28 marts).

If I try to move the clock it will not change until 1. april.

I have tried to debug but have no source between my application and the RTC driver. The RTC driver returns GMT time and I can see on call stack that localtime does some work but it makes only standard time offset for now.

It seems to me that the localtime / localtime_r functions called are not involving any NET+OS BSP code so how could this work? It seems to be directly the GHS libsys library used.

Is there possibly something wrong with my setup?

What function or library are supposed to handle conversion between GMT and localtime using BSP setup?


Have you looked at naTimeZoneInstall? You can find it in the API. That looks like it might help.