Problem with SNTP

Hello Digi users, I have installed in my application a Time Server (NAgetSntpAsciiTime). If I restart (NArestartSntpServer) with new addresses, I get the message “invalid state”. I suspect that the time for the response of Time_Servers is to long? What can I do so that the function “NArestartSntpServer” longer waits for the response from the Time Server? Thanks for your help! Marcus

Can you tell us a litle more about your application? Do you use a callback? Are you calling “restart” from a callback or from you “base” application. When you get no response from any servers and (presumably) your call back is called, do you (does your callback return) respond success or failure?

Thank you for your answers, I have found the error. The return value of the callback function was wrong. Now everything works. Marcus