NAgetSntpTime returns bogus time with good status

We use the NAgetSntpTime() function to get the current time to synchronize a local RTC. In most cases this is working just fine, however in some cases, when deployed in the field, the value returned is equal (or close to - hard to tell for sure) the NTP epoch boundary in Feb 2036 but the status returned is NA_SUCCESS. Has anyone seen this or have any idea what could be going on? This is with DigiOS 7.2. In all cases, the ntp server IPs are the same (hard coded).

This is a follow-up, in case anyone experiences this same problem. The Feb 2036 date is the epoch boundary for ntp servers. If ntp encounters an error while contacting a server, it may return the epoch date (max time value) as the result of a query. Since NAgetSntpTime() is actually getting a value back from its query, it returns NA_SUCCESS.

As it turns out, the underlying problem was the ntp server in use was decommissioned and no longer valid, so ntp was getting an error when attempting to do the query.