Problem with wall router

Hi, I’m Margaret and I have a problem with my wall router – I can’t get temperature from it. I read all posts about wall router and I still can’t do it.

I bought iDigi Professional Development Kit for XBee ZB: XK-Z11-PD-WE and I’m using Digi ESP for Python. All the iDigi Dia Sample Programs work, some of Digi Python Application Sample Projects too. But when I try to run Python Drivers for Digi Adapters ( I’m getting an terror

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “WEB/python/”, line 12, in ?
execfile(os.path.join(‘WEB/python’, ‘’))
File “WEB/python/”, line 20, in ?
wallrouter = xbeewr.XBeeWRN(DESTINATION)
File “WEB/python/”, line 49, in init
raise ValueError, “Adapter is not a %s” % (GetXBeeProductName(XBeeWallRouter))
ValueError: Adapter is not a Wall Router

I changed „DESTINATION” to my wall router address in (and I’m sure it’s correct). Where is the problem? Should I do something else? It’s very important for me - I’m writing BSc Thesis.

Looks like the Devices added to the YML file do not match with the devices that you are having.