Problem with X-CTU 2X8C

Hello All,

I am using XCTU-2X8C to configure XBee/XBee-Pro chips.

I have sent a packet with the data “123 (Hex equivalent : 31 32 33)” from router to co-ordinator.

This data was splitted into two frames:

            Frame 1 having "31" and Frame 2 having "32 and 33"


The above problem is shown in attachment “Config218C_228C”

While using XCTU-2X8C always the data frame gets splitted with frame 1 having first byte of data and remaining in frame 2.

Where as, while using XCTU-2X4C this problem is not seen.

Note :

The data with XCTU-2X4C firmware is shown in attachment “Config2141_2142”.

Whether this problem is coming because of missing some configuration settings or it is a bug in 2X8C firmware ?


Surely, it must have been bug.
Please update to latest firmware.