Problem with Xbee ZB pro S2

I have a problem with Xbee pro S2, when i create a network with Xbee ZB pro S2 (one coordianator, one router and one end device).

The network is created with encryption and trust center (EE = 1, EO = 2).

When all device are associate i change NJ value (FF to 0).

When i reboot a router, it is automatically associate but not for a end device.

This is normal ? And how make the end device automatically associated after a reboot.


Do not set NJ=0, because whenever the device is powered on or rebooted, it will perform device discovery, if NJ=0 means you are not giving enough time for the devices to join.

So it is better to set the NJ value to FF(which means always allow joining).

Refer the product manual at the following link, which gives you clear idea about the parameters and its values.