Problems connecting to Edgeport\416 with Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Desktop)

I am trying to connect to an Edgeport/416 (DB9, model 301-1000-10) using ubuntu command line (cat). I can see all 16 ports using stty and ls /dev/ttyUSB*, but when I try to cat all I can connect to are ports 1 and 2. I have 2 416’s and they behave exactly the same (one is brand new)

I have no similar problem using an 8-port hub…I can easily connect to and read from all the ports using cat.

I notice some other different behaviors between the 16 and the 8-port hub that are troubling, suggesting that something is not loading properly with the 416 unit.

I do notice that when I call $dmesg it says repeatedly that it is loading a 2-port adapter:

’ Edgeport TI 2-port adapter converter detected’

It looks like it is loading ports in pairs

Clues? Wondering if I need to go to a different 16-port supplier?

The current ‘variant’ of the Edgeport/416, that has the TI chipset, is technically multiple 2-port units bound by a hub chip, so that actually sounds normal to me, regarding the way it’s detected. I don’t think the hardware is defective, in other words. But you may want to try installing it on a Windows-based computer just for troubleshooting purposes, to ensure that all 16 ports are detected and installed (as COM ports). If all 16 ports “work” under Windows, I suggest bringing this issue up with the Linux community since Digi no longer supports or maintains the Edgeport driver for Linux.

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