Problems driver Digi SYNC/570 4P PCI Univ in Solaris 8 intel.

We have a large development made with the card Digi SYNC/570i in Solaris 8 and we need use a new server DELL PowerEdge 2850. Then we buy a new Digi SYNC/570i PCI 4P UIB Univ for the bus PCI-X of the new server. I need to buy these card because the old Digi SYNC/570 4P PCI that I have don’t work in the PCI-X bus of our new server.

I try to install the new Digi PCI Univ in Solaris 8 intel and I get no Digi PCI card found. I check in Solaris with the command prtconf and the new card PCI Univ get the value “pci10b5,9080” in the PCI devices of the Solaris 8 Intel and the old Digi PCI Card get the value “pci114f,5013”. I was looking in the istalation package we have in the CD comming with the Card “40001849-04_B” and this package looks for pci114f,5013 and this is the problem that the driver package don’t find the card.

Somebody know how can I get a new package driver?, or if is posible modify the package according to the new identification in Solaris 8 for the Digi SYNC/570 PCI Univ “pci10b5,9080” and forget “pci114f,5013”.

Thaks in Advance for your help.


Since, this driver has been obsolete for quite some time (1998), it is likely driver support was never added for these newer style adapters.

We really have a large development pendind on this driver and for use in Solaris with the new servers. We really need this driver and we think that the two types of cards are very similar, both have 4P and 256 KB of Memory the difference I foud is in the pci identification of the card. I think is posible update the driver in an easy way.

Best Regards, Radibel.

I recommend contacting your Digi Sales Representative to discuss the possibility of a Special Project Request for inclusion of this new adapter in the driver.