Problems opening com-port


I have some problems with the XBIB-U-DEV.
when i try to open the com-port i get an error. Than after i reconnect the usb cable, and try it again it functions fine. This is a big problem, because after a restart of the computer i need to reconnect the usb cable.

i tried different drivers but all seem to have this problem.
i am using windows 7 enterprise 32 bit.

Has someone the same problem or a solution?



My first guess is that you have form of ‘serial port’ enumerator which is looking for a serial/USB modem? So that device has opened the ‘serial port’ and is still trying to figure out what the heck your XBIB is. If you have AT firmware, then it answers AT as OK, so a dial-up modem tool might be talking to it.