X-CTU + XBee Series 2 + API Nightmare

50% of the time it says,

Failed to open com port

I’m using these adapter boards: XBee_USB_Adapter__SKU_DFR0174_-DFRobot

Another 50% it won’t detect the Zigbee chips so it’s a pain.

You didn’t really explain the problem, but check a post I made elsewhere on the forums regarding Windows detection of serial devices as a mouse when using API mode. Your problem could be related.

Sounds also like it could be a bad USB connector - which means wiggling things might make it work.

Those common header pins are not ideal. Plus unless you know the gold content, you might find that after about 50 connect/disconnects, the contacts are shot.

It could be. Bare in mind we have like 5 of these connectors and it doesn’t matter which connector I use. There is always problems. Windows detects it fine. The problem comes when using putty or x-ctu to test the modem.