unable to communicate with modem error on windows 8.1

I’m having windows 8.1 OS and have installed X-ctu s/w but when i press test/query it shows unable to communicate with modem error.how do i resolve it??

What is the exact message you are getting? What is the part number for the radio you are using?

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Its giving the message “unable to communicate with modem” or “unable to open the com port”
Even in the modem configuration part its showing “unknown”
We tried the same on different operating systems like xp,Win7…but,its still giving the same error…

The real issue is the unable to open COM port. Until you resolve that, you are not going to be able to read the radio.

What is the device that that radio is connected to? That is the device that is connecting the XBee module to the PC?

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i’m using usb interfacing to pc

how to overcome it??

have you contacted the manufacture of that USB device yet on how to resolve this issue? It really is going to need to be resolved by them. An unable to open com port message can mean anything from the driver is faulty or not installed correctly to a fault device to an application running in the back ground that is using the port.

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ok. I have contacted them.They recommended to try with different baud rate and this is been done by me much before.

Thank you so much for helping…:slight_smile:

Obsequy they are not willing to help if all they are saying is to try a different baud rate. May I suggest reinstalling the USB to RS232 driver, Disable anything from running on start up or trying a new USB to RS232 adapter?

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trying a new USB to RS232 adapter is a good option i guess.Thanks…