problems transferring data from RS232 to TCP sockets

Working with a TS8 server, we encountered the following problem: we have four serial transmitters sending data (baudrate 9600) to serial ports of a TS8 configured as TCP sockets.
A Windows XP based C++ application access the socket as client when the TS socket is server, resp. as server when the TS socket is client.
The serial transmitters send telegrams and the application receives them. We need to have one telegram in one TCP message output from TS to get the application have correct message reception. It seems that for two of the transmitters this works OK, but for the other two (which incidentally have more than one line i.e. several CR LF in the message) this doesn’t work and the message is received truncated by the application, i.e. the message is split into two or more TCP datagrams.
Can anyone provide some advice pls?

What port are you going to on the TS8? Not physical port, but what TCP port do you socket-connect to?

I have the same problem on both port types. Do not know what else to do

For anyone who may help:
I have checked with an Ethernet capture application and the problem is not connected with CR-LF breaking, but:
the same serial message (75 chars) is split exactly in two TCP packets: first 64 chars, then 11 chars
Anyone has a clue?

TS8 configuration has base socket 5000
if tcp socket is server then the tcp sockets are as follows:
for serial port (sp) 1: 5001/5101, sp2:5002/5102, sp3:5003/5103, sp4:5004/5104 (the option allow two connections shared is active). Then I have my application establishing a client socket to these.
if tcp socket is client (autoconnect) then the tcp port is established by TS, no control on that. The application opens server sockets on the tcp ports set up in TS config

Does this problem occur on both incoming 5001 AND 5101? 5001 is an ASCII socket, 5101 binary, so CR/LF translation is done differently. I thought that maybe one or the other wouldn’t have the problem, the likely of the two being 5101. Please verify this happens on both ports.

I think I only tried on 5101, 5102…and so on
But I also tried activating the option Binary mode for telnet. I will try it on 5001, 5002…
Windows hyperterminal works fine on both tcp ports, but I have been told that reception is made by this program character by character

But on other serial ports the breakup between TCP packets occurs more often, i.e. every 2-7 characters

I recommend opening a case with Digi Technical Support to pursue this matter further: