Problems with Sleep of XBEE-Wi-Fi


I am using the XBEE-Wifi module in the following configuration:

  • communication via SPI
  • sleep mode: Pin sleep with SleepRQ (SM 1)
  • sleep options: associated sleep (SO 0x40)
  • sending and receiving data over UDP.

Without the sleep mode, all runs perfect for hours.

The sleep mode is controlled by the processor as follows:

The processor sets the SleepRQ to high, if there is nothing to send and the pin SPI_nATTN is high. The XBEE answers by pulling On_nSleep low.
If either there is something to send or the SPI_nATTN goes low, the processor deactivates SleepRQ and waits until On_nSleep goes high. After that, the SPI data is read or written. After that SleepRq is activated again.

Problem 1:

after about 10 to 20 seconds successful data transfers with sleep states between, the signal On_nSleep hangs at low level.

I know of the known issue of Version 102D:

Sometimes the SleepRq pin must be toggled more than once to awaken the module.
Toggling the signal SleepRQ as it is described does not change anything, the signal On_nSleep stays low until I reset the module.

If the module hangs in this way, I made the following observations:

  • Power consumption is high (140mA)!
  • The Associate Indicator (DIO5) blinks
  • SPI_nATTN is low

Problem 2:

not so often, the opposite problem appears: The module will not go into sleep mode. This problem can only be resolved with a module reset.

The observations in this case:

  • Power consumption is high (140mA)
  • The Associate Indicator (DIO5) blinks
  • SleepRQ is high
  • On_nSleep is high
  • the module does not answer AT commands, even when SleepRQ is set to low again

Because we are using the XBEE in a mobile battery powered device, the sleep mode is essential for us.

Thank your for your help.

Best regards


can you replicate the problem if you put the xbee wifi on the digi daughter board?


Hi Keith,

no I can’t, because I cannot activate the SLEEPRQ Pin on the eval board like my application does.


I have the same problem regarding to the pin sleep mode. My XBee just freezes and refuse to work again, even if I drive the SLEEP_RQ pin low manually the

I use a XBee WIFI with firmware 102D, Sleep mode: pin Sleep, and Sleep options: 140 (associated sleep), mounted on an Arduino WIFI shield and controlled by an arduino UNO.

What I found is that if I set the arduino to wake the XBee with an interval between sleeping and waking of 2+ seconds it work fine. I can read, send, wake and sleep perfectly. But if I set less time it freezes.

Did you find any solution or workarround in your case?


I have the same problem with the pin sleep mode.
When it works, the current is 140mA, pin 9 is low, and pin 13,15 high.
when i set it sleep ,the parameters are same…

It still confuses me…