Processing data with RabbitWeb

I have an application where the RCM timestamps and stores temperature & humidity data locally on the RCM. I want to be able to read it out as a simple HTML table with columns for date, time, temperature, and humidity using a web browser.
I want to keep a significant history of data on the RCM so I need to store the data in a “packed” format, for example have the timestamp as an unsigned long from the SEC_TIMER. When the table is presented to the user, the unsigned long value needs to be converted to a date/time display format.
I don’t see a way for RabbitWeb to do any processing. Is there a way to have RabbitWeb call a C function to process each element before it is put in the table row?


At the below link under “General Documentation” there is downloadable file “Dynamic Web Pages With The Embedded Web Server”, once download and extract,you can see the rabbit geek work book, in this document mentioned the possibilities of data processing, also there are some sample applications,I hope this may help you.


When I had to do this in the past, I implemented it using an SHTML page instead of RabbitWeb, with a tag of .

Take a look at Samples/tcpip/http/SSI2.C as an example of this method. The audit_list_print() function shows how to use the “substate” member of the HttpState object passed to the function as an index for the row to copy back to the buffer.

I don’t believe it’s possible to include an exec call like that in a RabbitWeb page. If you must use RabbitWeb, you might need to make use of Javascript to unpack the data for display.