Product Manual v1.xEx - no API frame type 0x82

i can’t find the frame type in this document manual. other name for this manual, 90000982_B/2009.09.23

john’s cookbook mentions this issue and that v1xCx

i did find the 2188 KB article.

anyone got a link to a later prod manual for 802.15.4, that includes the frame type 0x82?


I don’t think there is a later version of the product manual, and I do agree that the 0x82/0x83 frame types are perhaps not described as well as they could be.

As far as I know the explanation in the cookbook is accurate, so you could just go with that. If you need more reassurance (like, if my mistakes would cost your money), then I think you’d need to ask the fine folks at Digi support to confirm or deny whether the cookbook has it right.

On the other hand: if the cookbook explanation simply isn’t clear enough, please reply to this post saying what the problem is and I’ll try to fix it.

(Edit:) The currently published version of the cookbook (1.2) goes to some pains to explain that I had to derive the packet information from multiple sources. Since then, though, I’ve become more confident in the conclusions and the next version of the cookbook will sound a lot more confident that the description is correct. The description itself remains unchanged.

ok, that is ok with me.

i’m using a 3rd party framework on the host to parse the packets and one or two key/value pairs aren’t returned although they are in the class parse func.

by looking at your frame breakdown i can see that, an i’ll add a simple user func to get that. wouldn’t have known they were there if not for your cookbook.

probably not important to [anyone] except to me. ;^)