Products from digi that can support 100+ end device children?


I am running into issues running a network of routers and end devices off the grid. Currently I have 50+ end devices on battery power and 10 or so routers on battery power. There are also 2 routers with access to AC power.

I’d like to have all the children connect to the routers at AC power instead of the routers on battery power. The problem is I do not want to have 12 routers all connected to the same AC power source.

Reading through docs, it looks like routers are limited in children by the processors/ram/etc.

Is there a product digi sells that can support 50, 100, 200 end device children? If there is, its not obvious on the website.

No there is not. I suspect that would require a device where most of its RAM and Code Space was devoted to Child tables instead of any of the other functions.