Programmable Xbee S2C with Xb-1 firmware (2001)

Our S2C programmable Xbee has FW-version 4059 (Xb-2 series).
Is it also possible to have it with firmware 2001 (xb-1 series) ?

This seems logic to me since S2C non-programmable can have version ‘4059’ (xb-2) and 2001 (xb-1).

Sure any firmware you can install on the Non Programmable version can be installed on the Programmable version. Just understand that they use different API’s so there is no Sample code available yet for the 802.15.4 firmware. That means you will be on your own to modify the library and get that working.

Ok, very interesting.
And how can i install FW-2001 (xb-1) on the Programmable Xbee. I tried with XCTU but is does not find my Xbee? Or should this work ? (there is a chance i already put the debuggable bootloader on that xbee …). Or can we order programmable Xbee with FW-2001 ?

The bootloader that comes from Digi will allow you to write firmware to the module using XCTU (Make sure you enable the “This module is Programmable” option in XCTU.

If you have overwritten that application you can reload it via the Examples in the ESP for Code Warrior.

You would need to talk to Digi Sales to determine if you can order it that way.

Two questions :

  1. I managed to install FW-2001 (xb-1) onto the programmable module and it works : i can change CH, ID, … But afterwards, it seems like i cannot re-connect in XCTU and I cannot reflash it to an xb-2. I do not have this issue as long as it stays xb2-firmware. Any idea?
  2. I tried to send a packet with the programmable xbee (fw-2001) but it does not work. I can change ID, CH, etc. We have a lot of xb-1 hardware for sell. It would be a big advantage for us if we could also integrate the programmable xbee with these products. Can you help me further on this one and maybe provide me a simple sample APPLICATION that sends broadcast data as xb-1. Thanks !

Make sure it is in API mode. Also the API interface is different between the 802.15.4 and Zigbee protocols. So you may need to make changes to it.