Programming xbee s2c TH with groove development board by codewarrior


I recently bought the mesh and cloud kit from DIGI.

I am able to transfer and receive packets between two xbee’s using XCTU. Next I want to program the module with led blinking, LCD etc using codewarrior10.2.

I followed the bootloader tutorial initially in ‘GETTING STARTED’ part but while creating the .exe file it always gives the following error:

“An error occured while connecting to the interface hardware or target specified in the Launch Configuration Dialog. For this launch, you may retry/re-specify the connection with the following parameters:”

I have tried all the parameters but no success.
Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Part no.XB24CZ7PIT-004-revJ(xbee s2c)
Same error also occurs with a xbee pro s2B version.(Part No. XBP24BZ7PIT-004J-revF


That is not a programmable XBee, so it doesn’t have an embedded microprocessor that you can program

Thanks a lot for the response. I am now using the programmable xbee s2c surface mounted version. It is giving the same error as well.

Part no. XB24CZ7PITB003


Did you purchase the programmable XBee kit? The kit includes a debugger, which is pretty much required doing anything with the programmable XBee:

I purchased the xbee cloud kit and mesh kit but there was no debugger in it. I have now ordered one seperately. Thanks a lot for your help.
But i am having problem detecting the programmable xbee. The XCTU software detects the programmable xbee only after I reset the xbee multiple times and connect disconnect the xbee. It is kind of frustrating. Any idea about that.