Programming Xbee with XCTU

I have the XBee® & XBee-PRO® 802.15.4 OEM RF Modules

MY target is to mount them on a autonomous rover. We will transmit the final destination from the xbee connected to our laptop.

I installed the xctu and have been trying to understand the working of it.
But I have read, but haven’t found a concrete solution to this.
CAN WE program our xbee board using C++/Java/Verilog?

I am guessing from other info i got, its C++.

So can anyone give me a slightly detailed guide on how to start programming the xbee with c++?

The XBee module hardware has a serial interface that you could access from any number of different programming languages or operating systems, as long as you’ll be able to talk through a serial port with the application you create. XCTU is just one example of such a program, but you can certainly create your own.

So I can directly program the xbee module with c++.

So, I can use a C++ application like visual studio to do so??

Or I will have to use Visual studio in sync with xctu?

The XBee is just a very versatile radio. You don’t program it directly. XCTU is to change the settings so it can talk to other radios. Your rover could use one of those small form factor computers or a basic stamp ™ to translate the information your send into motion controls.