I have read in the last data sheet for (ZigBee RF Modules by Digi International) in the end of page 97: The RSSI PWM runs at 12MHz and has 2400 total counts (200us period). Is the 200us period for one pulse or for all the train of pulses generated??
Can anyone pliz explain to me?
I appreciate any prompt acknowledgment.

Hi Fali,

I have already replied over email. Sharing again on this thread of my comments made to you with the rest of the community

To my “presumption”, 1 complete cycle (i.e. train pulses) should produce 2400 counts in a frequency of 12MHz. After that it’s refresh again for another complete cycle. This cycle serves as a reference comparator value to the value generated by the xbee chip whereby the RSSI value is given every time the RSSI timer expires. Page 97 explains how these value will then further determines the ON time.

Again these are my presumptions. You should really test it out in the lab to further determine the accuracy via a logic analyzer. Please[i] share with me your findings[/i] should you investigate. :)