Python: Import xbee not working (python xbee 2.2.4)


I have installed the modules to control xbee with Python Afterwards I have set the path variable on C:\Python27\python-xbee-master and also the subdirectories. To check, if the modules are available, I have written the code as recommended (

Import and init xbee device

from xbee import XBee
import serial
import arduino

The interpreter gave the error message
File “C:/Users/daniel/PycharmProjects/hardware_test/”, line 2, in
from xbee import XBee
ImportError: No module named xbee

I have done the same with and it have the same effect.
As I’m not very familiar with Python, I would like to know, what is going wrong and how I can find the module.

Regards and thank you very much

You are contacting the wrong company. Digi is not the one that created the Library files you are working with and as such, have no information about it. You need to contact that web site where you got the files for help with them.

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Hi bergiel did you solve this?
I am one of the contributors to the Xbee Python module and may be able to help. Failing that Stack overflow is always a good place for answers.