Python: TX failure

I’ve developed a small sensors network with Digi XBee modules and I’m using digi-xbee libray.
Basically the system works well but very often a TX error happens…this is the message:

raise ATCommandException("Error getting parameter, command status: " + response.status.description)
digi.xbee.exception.ATCommandException: Error getting parameter, command status: TX failure

I’ve tried to modified the local node timeout settings (with local_device.set_sync_ops_timeout(800))…but there is no difference, the error happens randomly…Could somebody help me?

Thanks in advanced.

I don’t know yet why I’m having this issue, but if someone has the same problem, a way to put it out is adding an exception to your code.

from digi.xbee.exception import ATCommandException

except ATCommandException:

However I don’t understand yet why this error is happening