on ConnectPort X4

I recently purchased a kit that comes with connectPort X4. Using the instruction I tried out the sample application but I am running into an issue where python version not having the zipfile module. The error message gives me and FTP URL to get the new version. I updated it with 40002643_B but same issue. 83000001-02 doesn’t seem to be available on the FTP site. Any help would be appreciated.

ERROR Message:

#> python

Determining platform type…Digi Python environment found.

failed: can’t find module ‘zipfile’ version too old!
Found version 40002643_A need 40002643_B or 83000001-02.
Please see:
download from the above URL, rename it to, upload it to the gateway under
Applications->Python using the web interface and reboot
the gateway.

Startup halted.

I guess, I found my own answer. I compiled it locally using Python 2.6. Switched to Python 2.4 and things are fine.

At some point in future our CP-X gateways will likely support python 2.6, but not quite yet…

How can one determine which version of python is running with a particular firmware?
python --version or -V doesn’t work in the shell and it is not displayed in the web interface.

ConnectPort X4
Firmware Version: (Version 82001536_J 03/22/2011)

Unfortunately you can’t. All X4 today run 2.4.3. Someday it might change (to 2.7?) or it might not.

Displayign this has been a ‘change request’ for over a year against the X4, but I guess the folks who gate change requests don’t actually use the product, so don’t understand the importance.