zipfile for Python 2.4.3


Does anyone know if there’s a zipfile module available for Python 2.4.3? I want to compress/decompress files on the ConnectPort X4.



I see some instructions about this at this link:’s_Guide#Using_digi_build_zip.py_to_Automatically_Build_a_zip_File


I don’t know if you are already using it, but the Digi ESP for Python includes a great amount of Python examples that work in the ConnectPort X4. One of them shows how to perform some ZIP operations in the device using the zipfile module:

You can download the Digi ESP for Python from here:

(You will need to register in Digi first)


There is also information here:

It works quite well and is fully integrated with the X4 since the X4 actually runs Python code from ZIP files.

I know of several customers who use GZIP on the X4 to compress their data before uploading - for example one creates a huge CSV file and then FTP’s it home, so they want to ZIP the CSV file first since it gives them huge reduction.