Software to make ZIP files

I believe I’ve figured out why my python modules won’t import. The Connectport X2 doesn’t seem to like my ZIP files. The GPS demo from the Digi disk worked out of the box. But when I expanded and then recompressed the and retried, I got the same “no module named” error as before.

Now to create my zip files I’ve been using the builtin “compress” functionality in the Mac OS X finder. It would seem that it is making zip files that somehow aren’t compatible with the Connectport.

Can someone tell me what software they use to make zip archives that are compatible?



Hey check it out when you make the .zip file then the library python or python compiled files are directly accessible when you click on your zip file or it in in some folder in the zip file? Other you need to add the path of zip file to sys.path. Check out while runningpython script from esp

I used winzip and CoffeeCup Free Zip software’s. Both are good and free to download.

Yes, I added the path of the zip file to sys.path. That works fine. It is just that the zip files I make from Mac OS aren’t able to be read by the Digi hardware for some reason.

There are a variety of options when making zip files, it seems that there are right ones and wrong ones when it comes to the Connectport reading them.