question about Zigbee 3.0

Hello, I’m bit lossed with ZigBee 3.0. It’s focused to IoT and i would like to develop with that, but I don’t know the dispositive type I need for do it. Can I do it with an XBee S2?

Thank you.

Digi’s Zigbee modules (S2 series) do not currently supports Zigbee 3.0

They are using Zigbee 2007 feature set instead.

If/when there is ZigBee 3.0 support, it will will either come on the S2C, S2D, or some new module. S2 modules are legacy, and won’t have updates…

(Digi Modules can be identified by an “S”, or Series number. S2, S2C, S2D etc. may all be compatible over the air, but use different hardware.)

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